Serving Abused Children in Southernmost Illinois
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Anna, IL 62906

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8:30am - 4:00pm  Monday - Friday ​​
Green Bear Club
(Pre-kindergarten through 5th grade)​
This 30 minute presentation will teach children:
  • The definition​ of child sexual abuse and grooming.
  • Ways to prevent abuse.
  • Healthy communication of feelings about abuse.
  • Reasons children do not disclose.
  • The importance of disclosing.​​​​
The Green Bear Club is for students in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade and teaches students primary child abuse prevention. Parents are encouraged to attend this program with their children so they can talk with their children about what was learned during our time together.

​Our message to children is very simple:​​
  • Our bodies are private. No one should hug you, kiss you or touch you where you do not want to be hugged, kissed or touched. 
  • If someone hugs, kisses or touches you where you do not want to be hugged, kissed or touched, it is OK to say, "NO!", then always tell a grownup.
  • If someone touches you where you do not want to be touched, it is NEVER THE KID'S FAULT!
  • Primary abuse prevention is a very important part of our class; we discuss secrets vs. surprise, never accepting gifts without the permission of the person in charge, prevention of abduction situations, and internet dangers.

Younger children (pre-kindergarten - 2nd grade) participate in a puppet show with Green Bear.  First and second grade students also read a story about Meagan or Joey, 2 young characters who were touched where they did not want to be touched and received help.

Older children, instead of the puppet show, complete age-appropriate fun books that discuss primary sexual abuse prevention.
  Green Bear Program Contact:   

Dawn Wright, BSSW
Prevention Specialist
Phone:   618-833-7470
Fax:        618-833-7579​