Serving Abused Children in Southernmost Illinois
109 Denny Dr.
Anna, IL 62906

Phone: (618) 833-7470
Fax: (618) 833-7579

8:30am - 4:00pm  Monday - Friday ​​
Hugging, Kissing, Touching...
and All That Other Stuff
(6th through 8th grade)​
Two 30-minute classes will teach children about:
  • Preventing sexual abuse
  • Handling pre-dating situations
  • Developing healthy relationships
  • Internet dangers
In this multi-session program, we not only talk with children about sexual abuse, but also discuss more mature topics regarding sexual assault/abuse prevention.

​​ Content includes:
  • How to stay S.A.F.E. in pre-dating situations (Say what you mean, Avoid secluded places, Forget alcohol and drugs, Encourage group outings)
  • Internet dangers
  • Sexual harassment and what to do if sexually harassed
  • Date rape drugs and how to avoid them
  • What is "grooming" and what to do if it occurs
  • What to do if sexually abused/assaulted.

  Green Bear Program Contact:   

Dawn Wright, BSSW
Prevention Specialist
Phone:   618-833-7470
Fax:        618-833-7579​